About Us

Welcome to the Studio City MD’s.

Our facility provides a broad range of treatments for our patients including but not limited to:

Family Medicine
Alternative Medicine
Addiction Medicine
Anti-Aging Injections
Concierge Services
Pain Management
Evaluations & Recommendations

We have been serving the Studio City area for over 15 years of experience, our physicians provide a personalized treatment plan that tailors to each of our patient’s medical needs, offering expert and convenient care. Unlike most standard medical clinics, we provide virtually no waiting by offering our patient’s the ability to make appointments online as well as standard phone appointments maintaining the quality of time spent with each individual.

Our facility prides itself on “Treating the person not just the disease!

We Are located at

4208 Lankershim Blvd Los Angeles, CA 91602


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At Studio City MD our doctors are what makes the difference in a healthier you!